I am a Buenos Aires, Argentina, based geek that enjoys creating Interactive Installations and Highly Visual Application Development, with a passion for generating immersive and engaging interactive experiences.

Pleek was created by Agustín Ramos Anzorena, a digital artist, interactive programmer and 3D developer, as a mean to explore and merge art, design, technology and aspects of science and math together, into accesible experiences that bring the audience closer to understanding the bonds between art and science.

It has now evolved into a network of very talented people, full of brains and motivation, working in the fields of Graphic and Motion Design, 3D Animation, Video Mapping, Live Visual Performances, Data Visualization, Software and Electronics Programming, and even Engineering.


Pleek can deliver:
+ Interactive Digital Installations under the form of Exhibition Stands, Shop-Window Interactivity, Retail Advertising or POP Stands, Product Presentations, Corporate and Cultural Events, Trade Fairs, Artistic Installation, and any other form of Media-Space.
+ Software Applications that have a strong bond with all visually-oriented areas.

Pleek works with tools such us:
Processing (Java), OpenFrameworks (C++), Arduino Electronics Platform, 3D Development and Graphic Design Software.

If you like what you see, have a question, would like to develop a project together, hire Pleek, or just geek around sipping some coffee, don't hesitate to drop a line at:

If you are calling from Argentina: 15-6803-8962
If you are not: +54-911-68038962


Buenos Aires, Argentina.