The Eclipse
An Hypnotic Installation for Color Travelers

Nicknamed "Muxi" by it's creators, and "The Eclipse" or just "The Awesome" by it's experienciators, this installation had the peculiar power of Color Travelling. If we were to explain what this is, it wouldn't fit in this page, not to mention that your eye-brain synaptic stimulus would be forever conditioned. So let's just keep it simple.

The fact is: It came from outer space. We simply grabbed it and plugged it into the wall outlet. Or at least that's what people had no problem believing.

The real fact is: This project is the culmination of a year long electronics workshop done at Flexible Lab (
I teamed up with Flavia Laudado to build something along the lines of a synesthetic experience.
After a bit of head-Banging, The Eclipse was born.
It lays still, slowly navigating the spectrum. But at the first sense of a traveller willing to play it's keyboard, it jumps into a frenzy of hypnotic blinking and color smashing. The traveller is able to control some of it's behaviour.
After that, no one "sees" the same way the did before.

While developing the project, we learn a few technical stuff, like opening up an old toy and hacking the hell out it, and also working with the Integrated Circuit CMOS CD 4067 (Analog Multiplexer/DeMultiplexer ). And let's not forget about the utilization of the rainbowed flat cable, which is beautiful..!!

It was showcase at the Flexible Lab end-of-year show.

Idea, Electronics, Programming and Setup:
Agustín Ramos Anzorena
Flavia Laudado

Teaching and Mentorship:
Jorge Crowe (
Gerardo Della Vecchia (IQ Lab)

A Big thanks for the help and photography:
Cristian Espinoza (

// Eclipse's red was like no other red....
// On the playground, for the kids.
// A courageous traveller, approaching the inevitable..!
// It came from outer space..!!
// Playing with textures.
// Late night travelling.. ejem.. coding...
// Some prototyping material