The Vortex
VideoGame Prototype

The Vortex is about time.
The main metaphor revolves around the temporal navigation the player needs to do in order to discover himself and his art piece.

The game is a prototype of a videogame. The player must guide a small ship towards the center of a vortex: a sequence of rotating rings will divert you and make you lose control. At the same time, your flight will change the speed of rotation of the rings. Taking advantage of this, the player can align the rings a certain way in order to complete the level. On the way, you will come across artifacts that can kill or deviate you you violently.

But beyond the action, the videogame emerges from a motivation to expose the individual path of the new students at the Master of Electronic Arts in 2014, in his first term, and the development and resolution of the final work.

Each level merges a student’s work, motivations, frustrations, reactions, and personality.
A playful catharsis. A place where students find their own difficulties reinterpreted as elements inside a gameplay, a part of their mechanic.

// Download the Project Documentation

// Also Download an outline of the development process of a videogame (in Spanish)

Coded in Processing

// Main Menu

// Pablo Ruchansky's Level

// Game skeleton and sketching structures