Visionoros Cosmologicos
SoundScapes and Analog Visuals (VHS):

I had the opportunity to create a “Cosmological” version of the Visionoros performance group. Experimenting with digital and analog synths (some soldered with my own hands), it was a very enjoyable attempt at generating soundscapes that engaged in a perceptual dialogue with Mario Guzman Cerdio’s trippy analog visual (out of VHS and 80’s video mixers).
An audioVisual performance exploring what is tribal, earthly, what is ascending energy, cosmic, and the infinite.

Visionoros is a mutanting group that defragments images and amplifies sonic perceptions based on experimentation and improvisation with analog-digital technologies: From guitars to wooden projectors, from VHS to real-time programming and synth sequencing.
A group of multiple configurations that focuses on searching the hidden life of images and sounds.


Duration: 30 minutes aprox.

SoundScape composition:
Agustín Ramos Anzorena

Analog Visuals (VHS):
Mario Guzmán Cerdio (

Presented at the opening of "Zona Futuro: experimentation, chaos, and uncertainty"
At the 42 International Book Fair, La Rural, Buenos Aires.
April 23, 2016

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