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Short Animated Film, a TouchDesigner Adventure

"The pattern of order/disorder is the singular dynamic force which has its effect upon both our visual and aural perceptions.
Evolution to and from greater and lesser complexity - this is the force of harmony that gives shape to time."
John Whitney, "Digital Harmony".

Inspired by the work of John Whitney, Crystal Harmony is a short film the explores order and chaos in harmonic arrangements.
A diligent swarm of romboidal elements orderly choreograph circular patterns, until the emergence of a crystal entity brings to life an apparent chaos in the system.

Recommended: Good speakers and a moment of relaxation.


Visuals generated in TouchDesigner.
Composited in AfterAffects.
Sound effects in Ableton Live.


Direction, Programming, Visual and Sound Design:
Agustín Ramos Anzorena

Main Soundtrack:
Someday I will be like Noraus, by Amœba
(Creative Commons BY-SA, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Amœba_-_someday_i_will_be_like_noraus..ogg)

// Live Performance @ Recurse Center, New York, USA.

// Harmonic Star 1

// Harmonic Star 2

// Harmonic Cloud 1

// The Crystal Modulates Time

// Harmonic Gravity-pull

// Crystal Engine

// TouchDesigner Network for Live Performace