Pendulum: Mixing Cycles
Audioreactive Light Performance exploring Feedback Sound Generation Techniques

"Everything flows and re-flows, everything moves like a pendulum. The poles coexist as identical. they rise and fall, driven by a rhythm."
Principle of Rhythm, The 7 Hermetic Principles in The Kybalion.

Pendular: Mixing Cycles is an attempt to synchronize different scales and materials from a daily life cycle, an interpreted journey through (chaotic?) waves of electronic feedback. Pulses within cycles, meetings infinite degrees. Sounds that join and let go into symmetry or disproportion through layers of noise and wide frequency patterns, matching flow movements at (un)certain times. Error and inaccurate creative control over audio material device converts these fortuitous opportunities and snapshots into beautiful minimal fragments where the fractal appearances of energy range with each other. Opposite ends of the same unit. Pendulums within pendulums.

Walter Reiner is my partner in this experimental journey named "NNNNNNN". I have to thank him for the thoughts and ideas learnt throughout long nights and extensive conversations.

Analog Mixers, Addresable LED Strips, Custom Software, Object Construction.
Showcased at MODOS Gallery. 2016.

// Listen to the Performance

// Cycle Wheel

// Prototyping the Performance

// No-Input Mixing

// A Performer at the Vanishing Point

// Press