Temazcalli Fulldome
Planetarium Immersive Experience on Huichol Art and Culture

The Temazcalli-Dome project is an audiovisual experience that transports the audience through an intense journey from within the medical and ritual practice of the Mesopotamian Temazcal towards the constellation of the Pleiades, displaying intricate patterns that emulate the cosmic and mythological visions of the Huichol people.

The project was selected and showcased at the Understanding Visual Music International Conference.
Planetarium Galileo Galilei, Buenos Aires, 2016

  • Project Lead, Script and Visual Development: Mario Guzmán, Agustín Ramos Anzorena
  • Custom Software Coding: Agustín Ramos Anzorena (The Huichol Pattern Generator)
  • Native Prehispanic Instrumentation: Tzomoni
  • Sound Design and Editing: Joaquin Gomez
  • Mixing and Multi-Channel Surround Mix: BlackBox Studio
  • Overall Artistic Assistance: Paloma Marquez

More Info, Behind the Scenes and Documentation at: DiodosLab

Greatly appreciate the opportunity that the following institutions gave us:

Thanks to Mario Guzmán, my partner in this adventure. It was an intense year, full of ups and downs, that ended in this wonderfull work.

// The Ritual - The Souls

// Trance

// The Chamán

// Sun Mandala

// Earth Mandala

// Ascending to the Pleiades

// Scene 2 - Inside the Temazcal

// Concept Art for the Temazcal Scene

// Calibrating a 2-Projector version for the Tour de la Lantern, La Rochelle, France